Jon Cobb

Small Business Owner,
Father, & Conservative Texan

A Fifth Generation Texan, Jon Cobb was raised in San Marcos, Texas in a tight-knit military family. Jon was born in Biloxi, Mississippi on Keesler Air Force Base. His family moved around the country until his father, Bert, finished his military service as a Major in the United States Air Force serving as a doctor. After the Air Force, the Cobb family knew they needed to return to their Texas roots and families. Both his mother, Gaye, a public school librarian, and father were raised in Temple and graduated from Temple High School.

After graduating from San Marcos High School, Jon became the third generation of his family to attend and graduate from Texas A&M. His grandfather was in the A&M class of 1942, his father in the class of 1968, and Jon in the class of 1996.

As an entrepreneur and small business owner who helps build homes throughout the greater Austin area, Jon believes in the optimism and fiercely independent nature of our state and our people. Jon wants to preserve

and expand upon the Texas economic model so more hard-working families have the opportunity to live their dreams, open a business, and share in the growth that helps strengthen our state and our communities.

Jon lives in Bee Cave with his wife Ashley and two children, Claire and Chevis.

A True Texas Entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur and small business owner who helps build homes throughout the Central Texas area, Jon Cobb represents the independent, hard-working spirit that characterizes the Lone Star State. Starting his business with little more than a beaten up truck and a small amount of savings, Jon has steadily grown Blanco Concrete to more than forty employees and tens of millions of dollars in annual sales. Like many Texas business owners, he has had to weather difficult economic environments, navigate burdensome regulations, and ensure his checkbook was balanced. In order to keep his business running, there were times when he lived in the office, went months without drawing a salary, and had to sell-off working assets.

During tough times, he stood firm on two principles: not building up debt to run his business and finding solutions to create more growth for his company - two things we could use more of in government.

Jon believes in the optimistic and fiercely independent nature of Texas and its people. He knows that no other state in the nation could have provided the opportunities that allowed his hard work to succeed. As a State Senator, Jon wants to preserve and expand upon the Texas economic model so that more hard-working families can have the opportunity to live their dreams, open a business, and share in the growth that helps strengthen Texas and our communities.

Limited Government Conservative

As a limited government conservative Jon also understands government has the potential to over step its bounds, create undue burdens on its citizens, and enact policies that create more problems than they solve. He sees the growth, excess, and illegal overreach of the federal government (led by radical liberals) as a direct and immediate threat to the growth and prosperity of Texas families and businesses.

Whether it is federal regulations, abusive mandates forced on our state, or fringe special interests seeking to limit our freedom and growth at the local level, he will fight against those who seek to impose their ideologies and will on Texans.

Jon Cobb on the Issues

Texas Exceptionalism

I strongly believe that Texas Exceptionalism is alive. I am proud to live in a state that sees the value in limiting regulations, lowering tax burdens, and promoting policies that empower hard-working Texas families to create opportunities for themselves and their communities. As a fifth generation Texan, I believe in the strong, independent character that makes Texas great.

Texans still believe in hard work and overcoming challenges rather than relying on government programs. I want to work to ensure that our state meets challenges head-on, doesn’t back away from difficult issues, and sets a course that will help deliver long-term, sustainable growth for current and future generations.

Honest Budgets

For too long, the State Legislature has relied on gimmicks and tricks to ”balance“ the state budget. Recently, because of our unprecedented growth, reforms have begun to stop the "smoke and mirrors", but more needs to be done. Diverting revenues from their intended purpose in order to feed the general revenue fund must stop, and we must have truth in budgeting. Our families and businesses do this every day; the State Legislature must do the same.

Our counties, municipalities, and school districts have taken on debt loads that are unsustainable to pay for their infrastructure and economic development. We must make it a priority to stop this growing debt burden (usually in the form of bonds) before interest rates rise, we have another economic downturn, or our local governments become over leveraged and put themselves in a catastrophic situation.

One important way the state should help prevent this growing debt at the local level is to make a real commitment to improving infrastructure. Many local governments are taking on debt to improve roads, bridges, and basic infrastructure because the state has fallen so far behind on meeting its obligations. Our state is blessed to have exceptional growth, and this is bringing in thousands of new families to our communities. Whether it is investing in water, transportation, or other critical infrastructure needs, it is time for the state to step up and use the funds necessary to help us catch up on these projects and support our local governments rather than burdening them with this responsibility.

Illegal Immigration

Illegal means illegal. Our laws matter and must be enforced or they are not laws. Illegal immigration is costing our state and local governments hundreds of millions of dollars (in education, healthcare, and public safety).

While the federal government refuses to address the problem, we can do more as a state to protect our citizens from criminal illegal aliens (especially drug cartels, human smugglers, alien gangs, and terrorist organizations). I support increased funding for DPS and the Texas National Guard.

I believe that an increased presence in our border region will send a strong message that our state will not tolerate illegal immigration. As your state senator, I will introduce or co-sponsor legislation to put an end to "Sanctuary City" policies that draw illegal aliens to Texas, and bi-lingual education in our schools must be replaced with English immersion education.

Even though the State Senate cannot do anything to officially change federal policy, our federal officials should push to stop all immigration until our border is absolutely secure, and we are enforcing the laws we already have.

Developing Water Resources

My family has known the hardship of drought. My great-grand father, a farmer in Bell County, lost everything due to drought. After the bank foreclosed on his land, he had to become a share-cropper to keep the family intact. But my family persevered and scratched a living out of the dry Central Texas soil. To this day, that memory shapes my decision making, and I understand the critical importance of planning for Texas’ future water challenges.

I believe Texas' future depends on a statewide solution to address water needs and deliver solutions that will enable Senate District 24 to thrive for years into the future. We must prevent a looming ”water war“ by creating a state-wide water plan and covenant so our communities (rural and urban alike) can remain active, informed, and able to adapt to their changing water needs.


Every child deserves the opportunity to have a first rate school, outstanding teachers, and an educational experience that helps prepare them to enter the workforce and help strengthen Texas. While our area is blessed with outstanding schools and wonderful teachers, not every region of Texas is so fortunate. That is why I support school choice for Texas families. Families deserve to choose where and how their children are educated. Our state can (and should) help make that a reality.

It is time to STOP bilingual education in our schools. Complete English immersion is the only way to serve students who do not speak English fluently. Being able to read, write, and speak English is essential to a student’s success and ability to prosper in our country.

We should stop putting these children at a disadvantage and help them assimilate as quickly as possible. This is the only way to ensure that they have equal access to the vast opportunities Texas provides.

As your state senator I WILL introduce or Co-Sponsor legislation to stop in-state tuition for illegal aliens. Their parents came to this country to find a better life for themselves and their children, however their first act was to break the laws of our nation. For 18 years, they have been provided taxpayer funded education, healthcare, and possibly other benefits that likely do not exist in their parents’ home country. Texas is a generous place, but when it comes to our public universities we should favor Texans over those who are not citizens.

Rejecting Federal Government Mandates

I believe we simply cannot trust the federal government. Put simply, this President and his Administration have proven time and again that they will say or do anything to achieve their radical agenda.

Therefore, I will stand against Medicare expansion, Common Core, and any other federal program that comes with strings attached. I will fight against any big government mandates.

Eliminating the Gross Margins Tax

There is no more openly hostle tax to business and employment growth than the gross margins tax. As a small business owner, I deal with the punishing effects of the gross margins tax every year. This tax constrains hiring new employees, prevents businesses from investing in new equipment, and sends the wrong message to businesses seeking to relocate to Texas.

Because I want Texas to continue to be an economic engine for our families and our future, I will insist on phasing out and ultimately eliminating the gross margins tax.

Pro Traditional Texas Family Values

Every life is precious and protecting our un-born means protecting our very future. I oppose all abortion, except to protect the life of the mother. Further, in light of the news that Planned Parenthood actively engages in the sale of body parts from aborted children, I would whole-heartedly support investigations into their centers and practices. I am disgusted by this practice and will work to make sure they are stopped.

The recent Supreme Court decision making marriage a Constitutional right defined at the federal level is a direct assault on the 10th Amendment and another over-reach by the federal government. Marriage definitions should be left up to the states and the people of Texas have spoken clearly about their wishes by overwhelmingly passing a Constitutional amendment defining marriage as being between one man and one woman.

2nd Amendment

I have been a lifetime NRA member for more than 25 years, and I support Constitutional carry so Texans can fully exercise their gun rights afforded by the 2nd Amendment.

American Laws for American Courts

Preserving American rights and Constitutionally guaranteed liberties is part of the Oath of Office. While I appreciate the contributions of our immigrant population, our court system must remain beholden to ideals, principles, and guaranteed rights we are blessed with as Americans.

Our entire government is based on Judeo-Christian principles, and that basis has served us well for more than 200 years. I will support legislation to clarify and strengthen law so people of varying ethnicities are not put in danger because of Sharia Law or any other form of restrictive religious construct.

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